Thursday, July 14, 2011

Booze in the Sasha Mysteries

Please drink responsibly...

Let's see now, Sahsa and her friends have knocked back some creative cocktails, several craft brews and imported beers, a few fine wines, and a number of interesting shots.  Here's a look at some of what has been consumed in Blood and Groom and Dead Light District.

Jägermeister.  Wow, what is there to say about Jäger?  Other than there is nothing quite like it.  the voice of experience talking here...)  Sasha and Lindsey drank a few of these before going to Karaoke in Blood and Groom. Besides, ümlauts are cool. Suck it back straight up, or on the rocks.  Just don't have too many of them (

Mojitos. A damn fine summer cocktail!  In Dead Light District, Sasha downs a few of these with fresh mint leaves that Shane grows in their backyard.  White rum (best if it's Havana Club), sugar, mint leaves, freshly squeezed lime juice, topped off with soda water.  Ahhh...

Amaretto Sour.  If you're drinking  amaretto at all, it's gotta be Disaronno.  A lot of people choose to make an Amaretto Sour with lemon juice, but Sasha prefers it with lime juice and nothing else.  Toss in a handful of ice and garnish with a wedge of lime.  Yummy!
P.S. Only a wimp would bother with a sugar rim.

Spanish Coffee.  Or Irish Coffee.  Or Monte Cristo Coffee.  Sasha's favourite is a Monte Cristo, which is made with Grand Marnier and Kahlua, hot coffee, a sugar rim, and a whole lotta whipped cream on top!  No need to bother with the maraschino cherry, but a straw is necessary (otherwise you get whipped cream on your nose).  Be sure to seductively lick the sugar rim from the glass.

Gin and Tonic.  People often think of gin as a very British spirit, and indeed it is.  However, there are some wondeful gins from all over the world.  Some of Sasha's favourite brands of gin include: Hendrick's (from Scotland), Phrog (from British Columbia), The Duke (from Germany), and Xoriguer (from Minorca).  Each of them is awesome with tonic water, and you can make a mean martini with them as well.

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