Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourth Sasha Jackson Mystery....Porno #*@%*!%$*!#!@#!!

I am currently working on the as yet untitled fourth book in the Sasha Jackson series.  The background to Empire of Illusion" by Chris Hedges.  (Fantastic book by the way!)
this one is the porno industry.  The inspiration for book #4 comes entirely from chapter two of "

I learned more than I wanted to about the "adult entertainment" industry after reading Hedges's book, and it made me very angry.  Much of it disgusted me as well.  But back to the anger... Well, if I were part of that world, I'd possibly be homicidal.  Not really...

I'm definitely not a prude, and it's actually pretty hard to offend me.  Much of what the book discussed about the porno industry is very definitely NOT my cup of tea, but generally speaking, I subscribe to the motto "live and let live".


The Internet has changed the porno industry.  Once upon a time, a dirty movie meant one guy and one girl and some cheesy music.  There would be a weak attempt at something resembling a plot (pizza delivery guy... boss and secretary, etc). 

But people always want more.  So next there were movies with two guys and a girl, or two girls and a
guy.  And customers started wanting something a little different, a little kinky, some fetish, a little bondage and some BDSM... So then there came movies with oral sex, and anal sex, and the introduction of "toys" and straps, and you name it...

Yeah.  Okay, fine.  Whatever.  But - as Chris Hedges points out in his book - the industry has gone way beyond this.  Way, way beyond this.  Unacceptably beyond this.

What absolutely angered me and disturbed me from chapter two of Empire of Illusion was:
1) the money
2) the physical harm
(The psychological harms are too great a topic to even begin to discuss...)

It seems that porno can't get bigger-better-harder fast enough.  There are now a great many number of gang-bang films in which the girl has sex with (or, more accurately, is fucked by) ten or twenty or more men. 

There is a whole lot that could be said about this, but one of the things that immediately struck me is that the money is not even slightly proportional to the degradation or the risk involved, or the physical endurance required.  Apparently porno stars get paid by the day, so it's the same rate for fucking one guy (no one makes movies like that anymore) as it is for fucking several. 

Secondly, that much physical wear and tear, so to speak, and being repeatedly, um, poked in so many places, leads to a number of injuries (in addition to the emotional ones).  Aside from STDs, I read about bruises where they ought not to be, rips and flesh tears in places that should never need stitching, and many other awful accounts of the physical toll these movies exact on the women (girls really) who "star" in them.

The long and short of it is that it made me mad, or as I said above, almost homicidal.  So I decided to channel my reaction into a mystery novel in which I get to kill off a scumbag movie producer.

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