Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Going to Private Eye School: You Can be a Dick!

Yes, you too can become a Private Detective...Sleuth...PI...Gumshoe...Dick...  You can learn the Private Eye biz in a number of different ways:

Correspondence Course from the UK.  You can complete the program in one year.  Topic of study include:
  • Investigative methodology
  • Classification of shoplifters
  • The art of questioning
  • A team approach to surveillance by foot
  •  Fraudulent disability investigations
A career college in the Toronto area offers a three month course at their Scarborough campus.  The admission requirements are as follows:

Applicants must be aged 18 and over, be of excellent character and reputation, and have no criminal record. They must also have a high IQ and able to pass our aptitude test.

Humber College offers a certificate based on "the training standards from the Private Security and Investigative Services Act of Ontario." 

The program included instruction in Forensic Investigation and Investigative Techniques.  Each course is six weeks in length, and there are six required courses to earn the certificate..

Then there is the two year diploma program in Public & Private Investigations offered by Sheridan College (this is where Sasha Jackson studied).  Some of the courses in this program include:
  • Crisis Intervention & Use of Force
  • Economic Espionage
  • Fraud: Offenders and Victims
  • Criminal Law and Procedures

The governing body/document for this indusrty (in Ontario) is the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005 .  The act covers such things as Application for licence, Searches in exigent circumstances, Standadrds of practice, Testimonial immunity, and Protection from liability. 

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