Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fave Books of the Year: 2013

I've read quite a number of books over the last year, many of them were terrific reads, but then just about any book I actually read through to the end is a good one, since I will cast a book aside if it hasn't grabbed me by page one hundred.  With that in mind, here are some titles that stood out for me - listed in NO particular order.  You'll note that only two of the books (Trigger and Chicago) are Fiction.  (Note: I read these in 2013, but they weren't necessarily released in 2013).

  • Chris Hedges - Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt  
  • Chris Hedges - American  Fascists
  • Sean Chercover - Trigger City
  • Howard Shrier - High Chicago
  • Thomas Frank - Pity the Billionaire
  • Patti Smith - Just Kids
  • Robert B. Reich - Beyond Outrage  

If I had to say which of the above was my favouirte, I'd have to pick Just Kids.  I sobbed like a two year old when I finished it.  Big fat tears rolled down my face... Yes, really.  It was that good, that poignant.  

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