Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Writing "Crimedy": A Giggle and a Gumshoe

People sometimes forget that humour is one of the characteristics of hardboiled crime fiction. The flask of scotch in the desk drawer, the cynicism, the moral compass, “down these mean streets”, and so on are generally the first things people consider when conjuring up the image of a hardboiled PI. But wit and acerbic humour, clever repartee, and a degree of flippancy are also part of the hardboiled oeuvre. For me as a writer this is great because it makes the writing a lot of fun, and I hope it’s fair to say that if I’m laughing as I write, then readers will have a giggle too when they pick up a Sasha Jackson Mystery.

So how does a writer inject a bit of humour into a story? I have no idea, but when Sandra invited me as a guest and suggested this topic, I really put my mind to it. Here’s what I came up with...  READ MORE CLICK HERE

The passage above is from a guest post I just did for Sandra Nikolai's blog.  Check out Sandra's blog HERE.

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