Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Recent Reads: Pity Pineapple Pilot

This is the 2nd book of Frank's that I've read and I enjoyed Billionaire as much as I enjoyed Wrecking Crew.  Thomas Frank is a provocative writer and his research is thorough.  Read this.  It will piss you right off, but read it anyway.  

Ooooh Oooh oooh!  This was my first Dorsey book and I will be back for more!!!  How had I never heard of him and the Serge Storms/Coleman series???  The plot here wasn't the strength - the characters were.  Hilarious at times.  Recommended for fans of Carl Hiaasen.  I'm eager to read more of these.

A quick, concise "How To" for aspiring TV writers.  Worth reading if you want
to learn a bit about script writing and creating a TV series.  

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