Sunday, October 10, 2010

Question for (aspiring) authors

What would you do or what would you think if your publisher consistently spelled your name incorrectly?  Let's assume it is spelled correctly on the book cover, but it is wrong in other places, for example on publicity materials. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this...


  1. It would piss me off, first and foremost. That is a poor example of what I would want out a publisher, if they can't get my name right (as simple as that is) what else can't they get right?

  2. Yeah I would be EXTREMELY angry. As a child, my first name (Tara, read Terra) was often mispronounced as Tar-uh, and now it's becoming more common to intend that name to be pronounced that way, so it's a constant irritant. Now, as an adult, I use my middle name (Lindsay) more often to distinguish myself from the 50 other Tara Halls in this one small town. It is perpetually spelled with an "e" instead of the "a" everywhere I go. But not by my business associates. They have the decency to remember, or at least look up, the correct spelling and pronunciation.

    It's unprofessional, is what it is, and I would be fuming if it happened over and over. Especially if this is going out in publicity materials, and potentially being misspelled other places. That could impact people finding your book, your website, lots of really enraging reasons to get it right.

    Professionalism is a lost art these days. Your name isn't even that hard to spell... What gives?