Monday, January 3, 2011

Still getting reviews...

It's kind of neat to get a review so long after the publication date.  Thanks to "Google Alerts", I just came across this one, which was posted a couple of days ago.

Read Review Here

Interesting that the reviewer commented (positively) on grammar/spelling/punctuation.  More interesting is that - despite three rounds of proofreading/editing - not one but three typos slipped through the cracks.  Two of the typos were caught and corrected in the second print run, and the third will be corrected when it goes to another printing.

For the record, the errors are:

  • one instance of FORM when it should be FROM
  • one missing apostrophe (should say Mother's)
  • one missing O from the word chocolate (it's the second O that was skipped)
Funny that no matter how sure you (and the publisher) are about going over the manuscript agaian and again, you just can't catch everything!

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  1. The weirdest thing for me is when typos appear in print that weren't there in the original manuscript. There were a few in mine - so I checked against the last version I sent the publisher, and nope - the errors were added after the fact. NO clue how that happens - pretty sure there's no grammar subterfuge demon anywhere along the production line.