Saturday, January 19, 2013

Parodies & Updates...

Blood and Groom is FREE today on Kindle!  And it was listed as a feature book this morning on eReader News Today - which is pretty cool and very flattering!  

As well, the freebie promotion also got picked up by the blog eFreeBooks! It's very nice to see and very encouraging to note that the book is getting some attention!  Yay me :)

In other news: My third book, The Lies Have It, has been parodied by Randall R. Peterson.  I love it!  Randall's limitless imagination has come up with a story called The Flies Have It (check out the terrific cover!)

Randall has been having a blast tweeting lines from his crazy version, such as:

THE FLIES HAVE IT: “Just a piece,” Smasha told the Captain as she rolled him into the Toronto night. “I’m into forking too.” 

 THE FLIES HAVE IT: “What are you gonna do?” Captain coconut exploded as Smasha waved the sticky fork from his desk drawer. 

THE FLIES HAVE IT: Smasha followed the dragging fork marks, with so much fruit in Toronto there was bound to be a few nuts.  

THE FLIES HAVE IT: “An ape!” Juicycuts squealed when she arrived. “You’ve peeled for less, why not?,” Smasha told the orange.

THE FLIES HAVE IT: “Smasha arranged by cell phone to have her pal Juicycuts fill-in for her while the ape built his nest.” 

For a deeper look at Randall's vivid imagination, check out his blog There Is Magic In Everything.

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  1. Congrats on your book getting exposure.

    I'll definitely check out that blog, sounds very intriguing.