Friday, October 24, 2014

Netflix: Misc. Documentaries 6

Loved it!  I already knew the gist of the story, but I knew little about the band and its growth/changes over the years.  I did see them in concert a couple of years ago (with Arnel singing) and it was fantastic.  I've long been a fan, so of course I thoroughly enjoyed this!

Great idea, poorly executed.  It would have made a huge difference if he'd taken it on more as an exploration in investigative journalism and added analysis of sorts to it.  I wish he'd explored the ad world writ large, maybe peeked at effects of advertising, growth of consumerism, etc.  As it was, the movie felt like it had no point.  Too bad.

Interesting albeit not exactly gripping.  Cool to learn a bit about the biz and the folks behind the scenes.

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