Saturday, June 5, 2010

Be Your Own Best Customer!

I actually felt like kind of a dork for this... even though it's basically good...

The last week and a half has been exceptionally busy, with life, work and book events.  Three of the book events I had on the coming schedule (for Monday, Wednesday & Thursday nights), were non-retail venues, i.e. not at bookstores.  On Friday and Saturday before this, I was at the Bloody Words Convention, and on Sunday I did a signing at a Chapters store. 

On Saturday the book vendor at Bloody Words sold out of my book Blood and Groom.  I had a few copies at home, so I rushed back to get them, and Don Longmuir sold all my extra copies as well. 

The book sold out - good right?!?  Yes indeed.  Except...

I can order my own book from the publisher and get a discount, but it takes a few says to get them (even though the distributor's warehouse is here in Toronto, it's wayyyyy the hell on the outskirts of the city).  And just as a rule, I always like to have a few copies of my book on hand.

I realized on Sunday morning that - Oh Crap! - even if I ordered books first thing Monday morning, I wouldn't actually receive them in time for my events on Monday,  Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.

So, on Sunday, while I was doing the bookstore signing, I bought a bunch of copies of my own book!!!  I wonder what the bookstore staff thought of this ("Hey, she's buying her own book just to boost sales... what a loser!")

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  1. You got to do what you got to do... they shouldn't care if you bought your own book, they made money, so they will be happy.

    best of luck, hope the sales continue to grow.