Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reviews and Spoilers...

As a first time author, I am thrilled to get reviewed at all (hey! they noticed me!), and I'm even more thrilled about the fact that the reviews have been good!!!  Blood and Groom has been reviewed ten times (that I know of) by various print media (including the Globe & Mail, Quill & Quire, London Free Press, Hamilton Spectator, etc.), and by various online magazines and blogs (Reviewing the Evidence, Bookgasm, etc.)

So what do I have to complain about?  Well...

One or two of the reviews (not on sources listed above) have kind of given away significant clues or spoilers.  Even though the reviews in these instances have been positive, I wonder if a potential reader may be turned off because they've learned too much about whodunit and won't have the sense of suspense one longs for in a mystery.

I have never written a review of a mystery novel.  As I think about it, yes, I imagine that it would be a challenge to write an informative review without giving away key plot points.

For those of you who have written mystery reviews, how do you balance writing an objective and interesting critique without saying too much?

For those of you who read book reviews, has a review ever turned you off by saying too much?


  1. I don't think so... BTW-I loved your book and best of luck with your next one.

  2. Oh gosh, I've never thought about that! Adding another fear to my ridiculously long list...

  3. Ha ha. Yeah, the one review I've had so far totally spoiled the ending, so like you say, no links to that one! I think that's how you separate the really good reviewers (who know what they're doing, take it seriously, care about the readers and writers) from the amateur bloggers just looking for something to say.