Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Character Bio: Jessica... Pickles, Cowgirls and Shoelaces


Sasha Jackson's two best friends are Lindsey and Jessica.  We don't see much of Jessica  in Blood and Groom, but she figures much more prominently in book two, Dead Light District and then makes a return appearance in book three, The Lies Have it.  

Here's a little bit more about Jessica:

Name: Jessica Molly Mercouris (Greek on my Dad's side, British on my Mom's).

Age: 32

Sign: Cancer if you mean zodiac sign.  Otherwise "Don't Feed the Animals". 

Occupation: Bartender/Waitron at The Pilot Tavern (and The Stealth Lounge above it).

Education: One year of College, studying nursing.  Dropped out.  I want to take care of people, but I just can't stand blood.  Two years in University, majoring in Psychology... I'll finish someday...Freud was really whacked, eh?  I really don't think "Little Red Riding Hood" is a rape fantasy or anxiety over menstruation.

Favourite Food: Anything without garlic.  Is there something green stuck in my teeth?

Favourite Book: Chick Lit.  Anything Chick Lit.  The forerunner of Chick Lit has to be Valley of the Dolls.  I re-read it about once a year.

Favourite Quotations:
"Pickle make squishy bookmark" -Confucius
"I'm desperately trying to figure out why kamikaze pilots wore helmets" -Dave Edison

Favourite Position: West, I like sunsets.  Oh, you mean sexual position?  Then I'd have to say Reverse Cowgirl.

Once Dumped a Guy For:  Bleaching his shoelaces.  Who bleaches their shoelaces?  Loser.

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