Wednesday, April 27, 2011

He Got Into My Pants!

Hey folks, Sasha here, talking with Lindsey about men and sex and dating.  There is always so much to say on all of those subjects!  And, you never forget the first time a guy gets into your pants...

SASHA: Everyone knows that chicks worry about their weight and body image, right?

LINDSEY: Even the ones who pretend not to.  I punish myself after eating at KFC.  An hour at the gym for every drumstick...

SASHA:  I've heard some guys say they're self conscious about their weight too, and I always say not to worry.

LINDSEY:  I like a guy with a little bit of meat on him.

SASHA:  Beefy is good.  Just about every chick I know thinks so.

LINDSEY:  You don't want to feel fat or look fat next to a skinny guy.  Even if it's just his natural body type, a guy who's really lean can make you feel like a cow.

SASHA: Totally!  One of my worst experiences with that was the first night I slept with James. 

LINDSEY:  You dated him just after high school, didn't you?

SASHA: Yeah... The first time we slept together was one of those weekends when I had the house to myself.  We'd been dating for a while and I finally decided to bring him back to my place to do the nasty...

LINDSEY: And...?  What does this have to do with making you feel fat?

SASHA: We threw our clothes on the floor and had a wild, wonderful night.  We didn't bother to set the alarm, and the next morning James woke up late for work.  He pulled on his shirt and grabbed jeans from the floor.

LINDSEY: You still leave your clothes on the floor.

SASHA: Yeah, I know.  Anyhow, in his rush to get dressed and run out the door, he pulled on my jeans by mistake.  Normally, I wouldn't care about that, but they were rather loose on him.

LINDSEY: That's really not what I thought you meant when you said he got into your pants...

SASHA: I tried his on, just to see, and I really had to suck in my tummy. 

LINDSEY: That sucks.

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