Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weird and Wonderful Words

A random sampling of weird and wonderful words from various places around the web.  As a fun little challenge to myself, I may try to use some of these in my next book!

BLOVIATE: to speak in a pompous manner (Wish I had known this word back when I was writing The Lies Have It!)

CONTUMELIOUS: scornful or arrogantly rude (I may be able to use this one....)

DISPLUME: to strip someone of their honours 

FARTLEK: a training system for runners  (I can see the appeal of this word to 13 year old boys...)

FOUDROYANT: boomingly loud

GARDYLOO: warning cry (I wouldn't heed this as a warning of danger; I'd probably laugh instead.)

HARDEL: the back of the hand

ICTERICAL: with a yellowish hue or tinge 

INANILOQUENT: pointless chitter-chatter (LUV this one!)

JARGOGLE: to confuse (For sure, this will end up being said in a future Sasha Mystery!)

JENTACULAR: pertaining to breakfast (It's such an UNappetizing word.)

MESONOXIAN: of or pertaining to midgets (MUST find a way to use this in some future book or story.)

OXTER: armpit

PLUVICULTURE: the "science" or sorcery for making it rain 

RATHSKELLER: a bar or tavern below street level (I'm so there! So is Sasha!)

SALEBROSITY: jaggedly rough 

SALOPETTES: quilted, chest-high ski pants, held in place by shoulder straps 

SCEVITY: misfortune


  1. Really fun post! I'm a writer and don't even know soe of these words!

  2. I am basically a 13yr old boy - at least mentally! ;)