Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In Toronto Politics, Truth really is Stranger than Fiction!

Toronto Crime Writer Rob Brunet
Toronto crime writer Rob Brunet had a piece called "Murder Most Mayoral" published in today's Toronto Standard.  In the article, Rob discusses how local politics and mayoral campaigns/candidates have inspired fictional foul play.  

As he mentions, in the last few years, Toronto politicos have been featured in or have inspired three mystery novels (including THE LIES HAVE IT - my 3rd Sasha Jackson Pi novel), a play, and a video series.  I had no idea that I live in such a deadly city!!!  Must be something in the water...  

The article states:  "Sometimes, the mayor’s a victim, and sometimes he’s a suspect, but whatever the story, the character’s never quite mayoral."

I agree the characters are not exactly filled with sober civic pride and gravitas, but they are nothing like our real mayor, in fact...

If the characters really did act like our current mayor, the books/plays/videos would never be published/produced, and readers/audiences would roll their eyes, the suspension of disbelief stretched beyond limits.

For those who have not been following the Ford Follies, well, these two stories give you the start, and Google will take you the rest of the way.

1.  The Mayor, the Crackpipe and the Video
2.  The Mayor's Brother and the Hash Trade

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