Sunday, May 15, 2011

Updated Profile on Sasha Jackson

The first profile on Sasha was posted so long ago, that it's now time for an update.  Here are some bits of trivia about Private Investigator Sasha Jackson:

Last fiction book read: the latest release by Jasper Fforde... what was it called again?  Thursday Next is a blast.

Last nonfiction book read: "Beyond the White House" by Jimmy Carter.  His post-prez legacy is greater than his years in office.

Pissed off about: missing the Kid Rock summer concert tour. Damn, why do I have to be so far away?

Happy about: going to see Motley Crue and Poison (again).  Hair bands rule.  Bret is hot!  Tommy Lee is uber sexy,  No idea why.

Disappointed in: Canadians... for giving Stephen Harper a majority.  Can we overthrow him? Stage a coup?  Have an out and out revolution?

Three Likes: cheese, palm trees and coffee.  Not necessarily in that order.

Three Dislikes: the letter V, the colour orange and cinnamon.  Exactly in that order. Cinnamon is okay with apple cider or in sticky buns, sometimes.  Orange is never okay.  And you can ne-er a-void the letter V e-en if you make a -aliant effort to do so.

Preferences: Coke over Pepsi; BlackBerry over iPhone, McDonalds over Burger King.

Quotes: Walk softly and carry a big stick.  Hope is the confusion over the desire of a thing with its probability. Fall down seven times, stand up eight.  And of course, Alfred E. Newman saying "What, me worry?"  Words to live by.

To-Do List: Learn to drive.  Take off chipped nail polish.  Figure out my love life.  Find a runaway teen.  Find out who killed the dude at the fetish party.  Get some sleep.  Do it all again tomorrow.

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