Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Works In Progress


I have four things on the go, in addition to The Lies Have It (the third Sasha Jackson Mystery, which will be out in November 2011).

1. The fourth Sasha book

2. The fifth Sasha book

3. A Canadiana thing I hope to finish someday

4. A biography of a guitar legend

So, what can I tell you about each of these?

Sasha Jackson Mystery #4 has something to do with the porno industry. It’s too early to say much else about it for now, other than the plot will centre on XXX movies (video and internet) and I expect to have two dead bodies in it, not just one. I haven’t given any thought yet to a title, but it will likely include some play on words, something vaguely naughty.

Sasha Jackson Mystery #5 is in my head and has been for quite some time. I have a feeling this one will essentially write itself, but given my manner of using days and dates instead of Chapter One, Chapter Two, etc., I need to get book four written first. Dead Light District ends in early September; The Lies Have It ends in October; so book four will take place in November-December. Book #5 needs to be set in winter, January-February. Book #5 will be a wee bit of a departure (I think) from the usual sexually themed backgrounds (a re-cap: Blood and Groom has Sasha working part time at a phone sex hotline, Dead Light District is about prostitution and bordellos, book three – The Lies Have It – is centred around the S&M or fetish world, and book four will be about the porn industry – see above). In the fifth book, Sasha will tackle the construction industry, and a bit of shady real estate as well.

The Canadiana Thing is a pet project. I really like the idea, but it’s not as pressing to me as the Sasha books or the guitar guy book. This is to say, that I carve out less time for it than I do for the others, so God knows when I’ll finish it.

The Guitar Guy is something I am passionate about. It occurred to me ages ago that there needs to be a book written on this person. So that’s reason #1 for this work in progress. Reason #2 is that I miss being a student and doing research. I thoroughly enjoyed working on essays when I was in university. However, I don’t want to go back to school (at least not yet). This book is filling a need or a desire to dig and dig and dig. Let’s see where it goes…

So, those are all the balls I’m juggling for now. I hope to get at least two of them… okay, maybe only one of them, finished by the end of the year.

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