Saturday, April 20, 2013

Recent Reads: MAGS!

I've done many posts about books I've read recently, but it occurs to me that I never mention magazines that I regularly pick-up.   I sometimes spend more time with magazines than with books, so I thought it would be worthwhile to mention a few of my faves. I regularly read (or subscribe to)  the ones listed below, but there are other mags that I pick up from time to time as well (Rolling Stone, New Yorker, etc.)

I just love the six magazines listed below.  Each of them has articles that make me think.  All have terrific fodder for great conversations.  Needless to say, I am always pleased when I find the latest issues in my mailbox.

UTNE is always full of treats!!!  They seem to have a number of science related articles that have to do with the environment, with ecology - always interesting. 

The reviews are looong here, but that's a positive not a negative.  The book selections are always thought-provoking.

A delightful lefty mag!  Lots of neat stuff on social justice.  American point of view, American issues.

Lots of great stuff here on politics (Canada) plus arts, culture and ideas.
MoJo always makes me think!  Great investigative and/or in-depth journalism.

Another great conversation starter.  Lots of stuff on arts and culture.  Canadian.

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