Thursday, October 10, 2013

Some More (New) Potential Covers for FRISKY BUSINESS

Oh!!!  Decisions, decisions... 
Not sure yet what the cover for Frisky Business will look like.  
I posted a few samples last week (see them here).
Here are a few more samples.  What do you think?

Option Eight

And here's one more in the same style as numbers 5-6-7 (shown in my previous post - see it HERE). but with a different image.  I think (at first glance) it looks like the woman is taking a shower...  Perhaps it's too dull.  I think the blue background needs a jolt of je ne sais quoi..   On the other hand, I kind of like the simplicity of it. Also: Not sure I like the change in font size of the title... (And, yeah, I know my name is missing from it.)

Option Nine
Option Ten

 And then there are these two (the only difference between them is in the kiss in the upper corner).  I'm not in love with the font size, type, etc. but those things are easy to change.  I think the woman's silhouette is sexy, but I wonder if it's too provocative and send the wrong message/gives readers the wrong impression.  Perhaps the background colour within the box Should be darker or something contrasting because it seems overall that it's just a bit too pale. 

Option Eleven
Option Twelve
These two are obviously quite similar to number 8 above, and my kneejerk reaction is that I like them both.  In #11, the colour/image are full/flush to the edge of the page, rather than boxed in or framed as in #12.  I'm not sure that even matters... In a way, the right to the edge style is kind of eye catching...  One criticism is that the cover background might be a tad too yellowy.

Option Thirteen
Option Fourteen
And next...  Options #13 and #14.  I really like these ones!  I'm partial to blue anyway, plus I like the double klieg lights, and I like the bit of lingerie she's holding. The onlyreal differences between 13 and 14 are in the colouring.  The font size and style are fine in each, the kiss looks good.  Hmmm....    

Option Fifteen
And finally, how about this?  I kind of like Option #15 - it "POPS", but I don't think it matches the story that's between the covers, maybe it even looks a little like it could be a YA book or perhaps ChickLit.  As well, I'm not so sure that men would be inclined to pick it up...


  1. If I had to pick, I'd say #13, but that style of art doesn't really appeal to me. None of them say "mystery" to me.

  2. Having read first couple of chapters and seeing where the story is going, I agree with Regina (Hello) and #15!

  3. I'm partial to 13 & 14 - they tie in nicely to your other covers (which is important I think) and the lingerie alludes to porn more than, say, 15 which could be about the mainstream movie industry. To Duane's point, they don't scream mystery but your readers would could bump up the size of the Sasha Jackson Mystery line if you're worried about it. NIce work.

    1. Thanks Tanis! Good points! And yes, methinks the style should match the previous books... (i.e. go with 13 or 14...)

  4. I'd vote 13/14, too. But maybe one spot light? Or one offset somehow? It looks more like a stage than a set. I'd let the lips pop more, too, not hiding them. And, yeah, larger font for "A Sasha Jackson Mystery".

    Looking forward to this being out!

  5. I'm all for #15, but if you could widen the klieg lights' path across the body, i would pick #8 for second choice. The lingerie dangling from her finger is too busy in 13 & 14 and the internal kiss is too busy in 10. Keep it in between too simple and too busy. Find the happy medium.

  6. I like option 13 by a large margin... and I certainly don't think that the lingerie dangling makes the image too busy, and in fact I find it gives the image life and action lacking in the others. The pose is feminine without being tacky.

  7. I like #13 I think. Partial to blues as well!

  8. 15 works for me cuz Sasha....Mystery is very readable & readers who enjoy this series will see the name