Thursday, November 14, 2013

Changed My Mind...

I guess this is akin to buyer's remorse.  After much thought, many mock-ups, and far too many revisions, I believed I had chosen the cover for Frisky Business.  

But in the interim weeks, I've had second thoughts... I decided that I did not like the colour scheme as much as I'd first thought, and something about the style just didn't feel right, maybe because the earlier choice didn't really seem to indicate "movies" (which is the major backdrop of the story)...

So, I sent out another call out to for some new designs.  I'm 99% sure I'll go with one of the four below.





For comparison's sake, here's the old one that I had initially decided to use, but I won't go with it after all, at least I don't think so:


You can see some of the earlier mock-ups HERE and some more HERE.


  1. #4 is too much like the one you just canned. My eye is drawn to #2 but I like #1 a little more. I'm about to go through the same thing in the next couple weeks so good luck.

  2. #3 popped at me at first glance. However, that's an awful lot of border for something that will mainly be seen in thumbnail.