Sunday, November 24, 2013

Just Released! Frisky Business, the NEW Sasha Jackson Mystery, is now available!



This time around, PI Sasha Jackson is investigating the murder of a porn star...  

The drug addicted girl was a worthless nobody, so the cops aren't putting much effort into finding out who killed her.  Sasha takes on the case, and learns that the dirty picture business is way dirtier than it seems.  She discovers surprising motives and even more surprising secrets, and just when she thinks she's solved the case, another dead body turns up.  

Meanwhile, Sasha's private life is a shambles.  Her brother is pissing her off, Sasha's love-life is on the rocks, and her BFF has her nose out of joint over Sasha's latest revelations.   And then there's the driving instructor, the locksmith and the glazier.  Let's just say it's a good thing that Sasha has a credit card.  

Why can't everyone just chill out long enough for Sasha to get in a good jam session, or have a good night's sleep?  

Oh, for crying out loud, pass the Scotch...

Get your copy of FRISKY BUSINESS 

now from AMAZON.  

PI Sasha Jackson: She's a beautiful mess, 
but you should see the other guy... 

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