Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Recent Reads: Stalking Checklist Crafty Naked

MEH... See "Crafty" below.  I read this AFTER reading Crafty and didn't find it very helpful.  I gave up on page 80.  The voice in which it was written was just a little too cute and too folksy for me.

Usually books of this ilk are right up my alley (not because I'm a brainiac, but because I can learn from "bathroom books" like this - and they make me a good trivia player).  This one was MEH... I gave up on page 83.
EXCELLENT!  Very thorough, great examples, a wide-ranging look at all aspects of TV writing.  Lots of references, lots of samples.  The way in which it was written was fluid, efficient.  I zipped through it.
Wow! Bizarre and really cool; totally grabbed my attention.   I read this in a day.   Terrific explanations of the science behind the cases (and the science is just as likely to be chemistry and it is to be psychiatry).  Highly recommended.

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