Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wonderful Double Whammy!

I had a very pleasant surprise this weekend - actually, TWO pleasant surprises. 

Generally speaking, an author doesn't know who will review his/her books, nor does the author know when a review will come about.  Even in scenarios where a reviewer has asked for a copy to review... Well, sometimes a review just never comes.

So, I was quite happy to see that the book review blog Have You Heard, run by Melanie Carrico, reviewed both Blood and Groom AND Dead Light District this weekend.  Being reviewed of course made my day, and the content of the reviews put a big grin on my face. (Both books were rated 5/5.)

Of Blood and Groom, Melanie says:
"Sasha Jackson is a down to earth, quick to the punch character.  The plot is woven so well you won't know whodunit until the very end."

And of Dead Light District, she says:
"Jill Edmondson has created the next great detective series. Keeping the character reachable and "normal" will endear Sasha Jackson to the readers.  Move over 007, you've got some   serious competition in Sasha Jackson."   

Melanie's full review for Blood and Groom HERE
Full review for Dead Light District HERE

While I'm in *bragging mode*, I should also mention a couple of other wonderful reviews that came out in the last while.

On the Irish online magazine called Writing, Lawrence Wray says Blood and Groom was:
"an unputdownable easy read.   Everything ties in very nicely at the end and it was a disappointment that the book was actually finished."

And, finally, Deena on E-BookBuilders recently reviewed Dead Light District, and she had this to say: "I found this book fun and engaging. I liked the characters, enjoyed the interaction between them.  I wanted to have a gin & tonic with Sasha and could easily picture her as one of my ‘real life’ friends.  I found the dialog snappy, the action fast paced and the storyline not something that I had read a thousand times before. So big points for originality go to Ms. Edmondson."

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  1. Thank you Jill for sharing this with your fans! I still have one more book to review of yours and I can't wait to get it started.