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Excerpt from The Jewel Chronicles Christmas Edition by Filip Brunner

The Jewel Chronicles Christmas Edition  
By Filip Brunner


Intergalactic  war ends with the death of the emperor at the hand of his own son (Julianus). Galactic peace is ratified at the arranged marriage of Julianus and Jewel . While on their honeymoon, the couple discovers the importance of a planet called "Earth" . They set out on a dangerous journey to find the Earth and it's significance. What will they find? Will peace survive? Will their marriage end in endless bliss? 

The book is an artistic picture of my own turmoil in dealing with life's difficulties, especially dealing with my own mentally and physically  challenged children. Some of the characters are based on people I know. My father abandoned me at birth, perhaps that is why Julianus is forced to kill his own father.
At this point in the storyline, our heroes have just been through a horrific battle and mop up operations are under way. so the newly crowned and married emperor takes time to holographic video call to his mother in law concerning a planate called "Earth". The scene quickly changes from conversation to the wounded General Ivan Nacamura. Ivan is one of those delightfully loyal people who would lay down his life for God and country.


“Earth, what an interesting fable, why would you want to know about a children’s bed time story?”
That took me aback. Was she serious?
      “Oh, no particular reason, just something to tell your grandchildren I suppose.”
She did not seem amused by that statement and sighted a visitor as an excuse for cutting our conversation short. I said my goodbyes and the transmission was terminated.
      “Thank you my good man.”
I told the tech.
      “Any time my lord. You do not seem to be as starchy as everyone seems to think your majesty.”
He replied and a warm smile creped to his lips. We exchanged salutes and I went to see Jewel.
 I found her half snoozing by the fireplace. She inclined her head to me as she noticed my approach.
She said dreamily.
      “How are things? How is mom?”
I looked at her sadly.
      “She has been busy deterring some unpleasant opinions. Other than that she has no interest in Earth other than to say that she is not a big fan of children’s stories.”
Jewel was about to say something when a group of bloodied and worn out marines and magi walked into the common room. They were carrying Ivan on a makeshift liter. He looked horrible, his right eye was bandaged his uniform was torn in places and he was covered in blood. Some of his man had minor cuts and bruises, but he looked a mess. The tower’s healers and our medic had their hands full.


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Filip Brunner and his wife Kim live in Chattanooga Tennessee with their 6 children.  For more on Filip, check out his WEBSITE.

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