Friday, February 14, 2014

Book Guys and Motivate to Create

Cool!  The book discussion website/podcast Book Guys  recently had a nice little discussion about The Lies Have It (book #3 in the Sasha Jackson mystery series). Sounds like Paul really enjoyed the book... but maybe that's because of the awesome souvenir he picked up at the launch party way back when... 

Have a listen (Paul and the guys discuss The Lies Have It from ~ minute 1:00 to minute 10:00), and be sure to check out their other episodes.  They always have a wide arrange to titles and topics of interest to readers of all stripes.  Here's the link:

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In other news: This week, I was a guest at the Motivate to Create blog.  I discuss writing and getting started, and why you don't need to start at the beginning.  Check it out HERE.  

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